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Since we were established in 2017, Sweat Cave Fitness has changed lives all over Port Kennedy. Above all, we’ve made it our mission to teach the world how to build strength, character and spirit through focused fitness. Whether you’re new to this or a master of the craft, Sweat Cave Fitness can help wash away the stresses and shape a stronger, better you. Get started today!


Our Methods



Our strength sessions will give you a solid foundation for good movement patterns and new skills. Our strength class combines Olympic lifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning. It will make you stronger, fitter and more mobile. 


During our cardio sessions, we combine a little resistance training, agility skills and functional movements. This translates into a boost of your metabolism, improved cardiovascular fitness and an increase in endorphins.


All our sessions program in 'gymnastic' movements, designed to help increase your mobility and range of motion. It allows us to correct weak spot for better lifting, adjust your posture to fix pain points, and stay flexible.


Myzone levelled the playing field, and everyone’s invited to play. Myzone is a unique heart rate monitor – it doesn’t measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted. It measures the effort put in by your heart. Allowing us to track your progress as you move throughout the session.

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C and Chapz have created such an inviting, friendly and motivating environment. Being quite shy, I can struggle to feel comfortable in new environments, but you feel apart of the family right from your first class. They are also super accommodating for injuries/lack of mobility and find alternative exercises that cater to your abilities. SCF will challenge you mentally and physically, but it is also extremely rewarding and I couldn’t think of a better place!


I’ve been going to Caitlin and Chapz at Sweat Cave for almost 3 years and I haven’t looked back! It is a dynamic, positive and friendly place to train! The care they have for their members is genuine and it makes it a fabulous place to work out!

But more than that the leadership and mentoring that Chapz and Caitlin give to their clients makes them special and makes them stand out from all the other gyms!

I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!


Hands down, best choice I’ve made training at SCF. The trainers take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at and they know how to push you to your limit in the best way possible.

You get to meet some amazing people to train with along the way which is one of the main reasons I kept going and not letting my anxiety win.

SCF have helped me so much physically and mentally so I cant recommend them enough.


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